9th World Tournament 2007, 16 – 18th November, 2007, Tokyo, Japan

Day One

Block A

With just under 192 competitors lining upon the mat, an air of excitement filled the arenas unlike the previous year all the top seeds would be fighting on the first day and first up was overwhelming favourite Teixeira (Brazil) versus Balasubramaniam (Australia), this was short live as Teixeira’s power and speed earned him a quick ippon for an inside low kick, next up was Shevnin (Russia) who looked strong in gaining a decision over Alvares (Bolivia) and Aso (Japan) got the decision after a scrappy fight against Kouame (Hong Kong). Abzotov (Russia) made up for the weight difference of 15kg by with excellent speed and movement to batter Crease (Great Britain) and get a decision. Sawada (Japan) looked strong gaining decision over Ngalani (Cameroon) and Nikashaev (Russia) used good punches to close down Zinouski (Belarus) who did well not to go down and Munn (USA) with his non stop attacking style took the decision over Prada (Brazil). Mamedov (Russia) had excellent movement and countering and landed a strong ushiro geri for a wazri against Im (Korea). Anderson Da Silva (Brazil) outworked Porterie (France) for a decision and Shiojima (Japan) looked sharp and busy as he got the flags over Beauregard (Canada). Former European SHW Champion Martinov looked excellent and scored wazris for first a Jodan Hiza Geri and then a Chudan-mawashi geri against Herrada (Chile), a shock was next has after an extension Teixiera (Holland) outworked and was just to strong for the aging Tagahara (Japan). Shimizu (Jaopan) used god punches and combinations to defeat Cielsuk (Poland), and Diogo Da Silva (Brazil) showed some excellent kicks and landed with a jodan mawashi geri for ippon over Kit Tham (Singapore). Murata (Japan) has was relentless in attacking the much larger O’Farrell (Australia) and despite the wait difference drove his opponent of the mat and deservedly got the decision and Kozlov (Russia) never got out of first gear as he out powered Koszela (Canada) for the decision.

Block B

Sadvokasov (Russia) looked in ominous form as he gained two wazari’s for lightning fast jodan mawashi geri’s against Suyoto (Indonesia)and Opazi (Chile) got the decision over Meola (Australia) as did Suzuki (Japan) against Castro (Costa Rica) in the battle of the lightweights. Habraszka (Poland) used his strength to wear down Nagase (Canada) and Kidachi (Japan) outworked Islam (Bangledesh) for the decision. The next fight was very interesting as the Yamamoto (USA) was just too strong and fast for Unezhev (Russia) who had just no answer against his opponents techniques that were fast and powerful. Kapanadze (Russia) was excellent and easily defeated Holewiak (Austria). Next was a withdrawal as veteran Sergio Da Costa had to withdraw due to family reasons and did not travel Tokyo and Pryhdko (Ukraine) advanced via a bye. Kogure (Japan) was far to sharp and moved around Martinez (USA) picking him of to get the decision and the excellent Navarro (Spain) showed his class in a hard fought win against Opperman (South Africa). A very even fight saw Suleymanov (Russia) outwork Nafti (Tunisia) after an extension Ino (Japan) defeat Albanoun (Kuwait). The ever improving Titkov (Russia) was made to work hard for his victory over Ali (Iraq) and Tungalag (Mongolia) beat Mdunge (South Africa). Del Valle (Costa Rica) was on top of his opponent from the start and despite his size pushed back Win Tum (Myanmar) to get a decision and former All Japan Champion Tanaka (Japan) showed some good low kicks as he over powered Cisse (Ivory Coast).

Block C

Next up was the awesome Kurbanov (Russia) versus Hristov (Bulgaria), after throwing a few techniques, Kurbanov threw an awesome Jodan ushiro mawashi geri jodan that landed perfectly and knocked the Bulgarian out for some time and he had to be carried of on a stretcher. Watanabe (Japan) was up next and followed sort by scoring an ippon for an usher mawshi geri jodan for ippon also against Mazumber (India). Karpenko (Russia) easily defeated Neziri (Austria) and Cordeiro look strong as he defeated the gallant Puglisi (Italy) by decision. Lunev (Russia) looked sharp and gained a wazari for a low kick against Reiestad (Norway), and Taniguchi was too strong for Afridi (Pakistan). Leblanc (Canada) and Kozokhin (Russia) battled in a scrappy fight that went to an extension where Leblanc tired and the Russian go the decision. Eduardo Tanaka (Brazil) looked very sharp with some crisp kicks and used low kicks well inside and out to wear down Belkhodjia (France) and get the decision. Uvitskiy (Russia) and Wallmen (Germany) had a real scrap and Uvitskiy got the flags after an extension and Tokuda (Japan) looked strong as he defeated Cerdena (Spain). Two very well matched fighters squared off as Freeman (New Zealand) took on de Gama (Brazil) with the Kiwi edging it by decision. Sato (Japan) was just too strong for de Hoog (Holland), Akaishi (Japan) outclassed Navickas (Lithuania) and Rustam Unezhev (Russia) made up the 20kg to defeat the much larger Sadaoui (France). Tomchuk (Russia) overcame Whitford (Australia) and world middleweight champ Nakahara (Brazil) confidently got the decision against Rai (Nepal).

Block D

Oganasian (Armenia) ;who now teaches at the Honbu in Tokyo, looked in devastating form as he landed a chudan mawashi geri for a ippon against Leonard (Australia). Nascimento (Brazil) moved well and eptup a high work rate to overcome Gabb (New Zealand) who outweighed him by over 50kg. All Jpan lightweight champion Fukui (Japan)scored a wazari for a good axe kick against Rai (Singapore). Six time European Champion Gogonel (Romania) expended little energy and come close with some high kicks as he skilfully defeated Majozi (South Africa). Beppu (Japan) was all over Martinez (Uruguay) and got the decision and Estensoro (Spain) moved well and picked off Odate (USA) with punches before landing a jodan hiza geri for ippon. Gogaev (Russia) dispatched Fincati (Switzerland) without breaking sweat after dropping him with a strong chudan tsuki and Fabiano Da Silva (Brazil) now in his third world tournament overpowered Toktybayev (Kazakhstan). Stepin (Russia) looked like a monster as he literally destroyed Peita (New Zealand) who deserves credit for just staying on his feet. Ikemoto (Japan) moved around very well and kept up a high work rate to earn the decision over He (China) and Batista (Brazil) scored two wazaris against Racz (Slovakia). Veteran Ichimura (Japan) now in his forties stalked Muratov (Uzbekistan) and picked of his shots well to advance and Bykov (Russia) went through against Pallas (Reunion). Damyanov was unconvincing in his win over Alhoti (Saudia Arabia) as was Cujic (Australia) in his victory of Dubois (Seychelles). Last up was two time All Japan Champion and carrier of the home hopes Uchida (Japan) against Cho (Korea), the home favourite few limited techniques and advanced by decision.

Day 2

Block A

Texiera (Brazil) faced a gallant opponent in Shahbazi (Iran) who really took the fight to the Brazilian and was unlucky not to get an extension as the Brazilian went through. Shevnin (Russia) and Banasik (Poland) was a very even fight but Shevnins’ extra fitness at the end of the round earned him the flags. Aso (Japan) used his nearly 140kg well as he pressed Tuhega (New Zealand) with constant low kicks and advanced. Aumont (Canada) came out aggressively against Abzotov (Russia) and rattled his opponent with some strong chudan mawashi geris, Abzotov moved around well and attched mainly with punches before this fight went into and extension, in this extension the Russian appeared fresher and out worked Aumont to advance by decision. Sawada (Japan) and Biskos (Belgium) had a real scrappy fight that went to an extension also where Sawada’s power was the telling factor as he got the decision. Another close match was Nikishaev (Russia) against Herbst (South Africa), the Russian struggled the whole fight to get his distance right and Herbst moved well landing some good counters, Nikishaev was a bit fortunate and advanced via genten ichi. Munn (USA) kept up his non stop style as he out worked an out powered Alvarado (Costa Rica). Ruarte (Argentina) and Mamedov (Russia) saw too strong and technically gifted fighters take o each other, Ruarte came close with a high kick as did Mamedov with a ushiro Mawashi geri, after an extension Mamedov advanced on weight. A. Da Silva (Brazil) had walkover in his next fight Shiojima (Japan) again looked sharp but Kostanyan (Armenia) was very strong and pushed the Japanese fighter back, in the extensions Shiojima’s stamina prevailed and a succession of punches and low kicks late on earned him the flags. Chirkov (Russia) looked strong against Teixeira (Holland) and came close with an ushiro mawashi geri jodan and kept up a high work rate to advance. Shimizu (Japan) showed strong combinations as he eased past Shibase (South Africa) and D. Da Silva (Brazil) was lucky to get the decision after one round against Azimi (Iran). Murata (Japan) was impressive again as he defeated Kolano (USA) and Kozlov (Russia) gained a wazri for an inside low kicks against Cameron (Great Britain).

Block B

Sadvokasov (Russia) again looked immense as he hit Mingardi (South Africa) from all angles and in particular used good low kicks and advanced easily. Opazo (Chile) defeated Hassan (Lebanon) in a messy fight and Suzuki (Japan) defeated Elikanov (Russia) on weight after an extension in a fast paced fight. Habraszka (Poland) was unconvincing and a little fortunate to get the flags after one round against Oliveira (Brazil) and Kidachi (Japan) was just to much of a complete fighter as he defeated Johnson (New Zealand). Yamanoto (USA) and Kmiskaliyev (Kazakhstan) had an intriguing match, Yamanoto had looked very strong once again as he skilfully picked his opponent off with techniques but Kmiskaliyev landed a jodan mawashi geri for a wazari to shock the youngster, Yamanoto then landed a jodan mawashi  of his own later in the round for a wazari to save the fight and then get the decision. Kapanadze (Russia) completely dominated Lezcano (Spain) who lacked the power to hurt the Russian and Prykhodko (Ukraine) got a decision in a tight fight against Heo (Korea). Kogure (Japan) was much fitter than Shahabdolasimi (Iran) and got the decision after an extension and Suleymanov (Russia) advanced after driving Vedapodagom (Reunion) off the mat on a number of occasions. Next up was the excellent Navarro (Spain) again who opened up Parent (Canada) with some strong punches before landing a jodan mawashi geri for an ippon. Two well matched fighters took each other on as Xavier (Brazil) took on Ino (Japan), both through a number of sharp techniques and had periods on top but after the second extension Xavier got three flags to Ino’s one. Titkov (Russia) gave away about a foot in height and 40 kgs against Mohammed (Bahrain) but fought clever fight as he moved well and picked his opponent of with some strong punches and low kicks and came close with some rolling ushiro mawashi geri jodan’s, Titkov’s fitness told as he bullied Mohammed in the extension and took the decision. Tungalag (Mongloia) went through against Claridge (Australia), Del Valle’s (Costa Rica) aggressive non stop pressing got him the decision against Ramalingum (Mauritius) and Tanaka (Japan) was just too classy and strong for Wilczeck (Germany).

Block C

A buzz was round the arena again as Kurbanov (Russia) came to the tatami as he took on Shaghalahei (Iran), Kurbanov’s power stopped his opponent in his tracks as the Iranian pulled up after an exchange. Watanabe (Japan) moved superbly against the much larger Orban (Hungary) and close close with a number of high kicks, in the extension Watanabe came close again with a ushiro mawashi geri jodan and a flurry late of punches and kicks earned him a deserved decision. Karpenko (Russia) took on a veteran of the 5th World Tournament from 1991in the enormous Bitsadze (Georgia) but the giants immobility was his undoing as Karpenko moved well and picked off Bitsadze with ease and took the decision. Cordeiro (Brazil) again looked strong as he defeated Goodin (Australia) as did Lunev (Russia) as he overcame Mayaba (South Africa). Taniguchi (Japan) got the decision over Shahino (Israel) and Kozhokin (Russia) got awarded an ippon as Vergara (Chile) pulled up injured. Eduardo Tanaka (Brazil) again looked menacing as he got a wazari’s for first a chudan mawashi geri and then a jodan mawshi geri against Maber (New Zealand). Uvitskiy (Russia) got the decision over Souii (Tunisia) and Tokuda (Japan) advanced over a messy ill tempered fight against Foroozan (Iran). Sokup’s (Czech Republic) extra power showed against Freeman (New Zealand) as his low kick wore down Freeman and got Sokup the decision. Easy wins for home fighters as Sato (Japan) easily overcame Tjajadi (Indonesia), as did Akaishi (Japan) against Granados (Colombia) and Rustem Unezhev (Russia)was made to work for his victory over Dawes (South Africa) and Nakahara (Brazil) easily defeated Iakob (Romania).

Block D

Oganasian (Armenia) was ominously strong as he scored an ippon for a jodan mawshi geri against Fonseca (Portugal) and Nascimento advanced against De La Cruz (Philippines). Fukui (Japan) got the flags against Antoni (Greece) and Gogonel (Romania) was lucky to get the decision over Vaytseshek (Russia). Beppu (Japan) was taken to a second extension as he advanced against Krzak (Poland) in a close match and Estensoro (Spain) was impressive in getting the decision over Bello (Chile). Gogaev (Russia) chased down Buno (Zimbabwe) failed to avoid the Russian’s power. Ahmadvand (Iran) started well against Fabiano Da Silva (Brazil) but the Brazilians power tld as he got an ippon at the start of the extension for a body punch. The awesome Stepin (Russia) completely knocked out Stankovic (Serbia) with a jodan mawashi geri after just 23 seconds and Kosowski (USA) dwarfed Ikemoto (Japan) but the Ikemoto refused to back down and moved well and advanced on weight. Sypien (Poland) versus Batista (Brazil) saw to fighters with good kicks take each other on but the Brazilian was fortunate to get the flags so early. Ichimura (Japan) gained a wazari against Te Ahu (New Zealand) for first a Shita Tsuki and then a chudan tsuki. Bykov (Russia) weathered the early storm against Potvin (Canada) before getting the decision and Damyanov (Bulgaria) scored an ippon for a jodan mawshi geri against Williams (South Africa) and Garan (Ukraine) advanced against Cujic(Australia). Lst fight of the round was Uchida (Japan) against Sumanathilaka (Sri Lanka) in a bizarre fight as the Sri Lankan constantly moved away and Uchida closed down with neither of them throwing any techniques, somehow Uchida received the flags at the end of the round despite throwing just a handful of techniques.

Third Round

Block A

Teixeira (Brazil)and Shevnin (Russia) both had a high work rate in this fight, as the round went on the Brazilians power told as he started to bully the Russian and got the flags at the hantei which was a little unlucky for the Russian. Another fight that should have gone another round as Aso (Japan) versus Abzotov (Russia), Aso used his massive low kicks to try and pummel Abzotov but the Russian moved well to counter this and the home decision was awarded to Aso. More bad news for the Russians as Sawada (Japan) outworked Nikishaev and had him in trouble in certain parts of the fight and took the decision. Finally some joy for the Russian’s as Mamedov (Russia) defeated Munn (USA) after an extension in a scrappy fight. Shiojima (Japan) took on A. Da Silva (Brazil) next, Shiojima tried to keep up a high work rate but Da Silva matched this and his extra power told as he pushed his opponent around and landed some strong low kicks, Da Silva deservedly go the decision three flags to one. Two well matched young fighters squared of as Martinov (Bulgaria) took on Chirkov (Russia), this was a very even match with neither fight backing dwon but a late burst of techniques from the former Bulgarian got him the decision. D. Da Silva (Brazil) took on Shimizu (Japan) and the power of his kicks and work rate was the key factor as the Brazilian deservedly advanced. Kozlov (Russia) versus Murata (Japan) was a titanic battle, Murata closed down Kozlov to completely nullify Kozlov’s power by shortening his range and the Russian seemed out of sorts as he struggled with his opponents work rate, the fight went two extensions where Murata only got stronger and more aggressive and the fight was awarded a draw, from the obvious size difference there was no shock in the Murata a going to the last day via the weight rule.

Block B

Sadvokasov (Russia) seemed to be improving with every round and landed a horrible chudan mawashi geri on Opazo (Chile) and some equally piercing punches and took an easy decision, Suzuki versus Habraszka (Poland) was much the same as the Kozlov versus Murata fight and the Pole sometimes appeared a little awkward as he tried to dominate the fight but Suzuki kept light on his feet and move well and kept up his work rate and as before the light Japanese fighter advanced on weight. Kidachi (Japan) against Yamamoto (USA) was an intriguing fight, Yamamoto nearly landed an ushiro mawashi geri early on and landed some strong kicks but Kidachi turned the fight to get a draw at the end of the round, the extension was again even and Kidachi was very fortunate to get the flags at the end of the round. Kapanadze (Russia) was stronger than Pryhdko (Ukraine) got the decision and Suleymanov (Russia) was awarded a genten Ichi against Kogure (Japan) for a face punch that cost him the fight. Navarro took on the Xavier (Brazil) in what could have been a tricky fight for the Spaniard but such is his exceptional form he landed a powerful body punch for an ippon after just one minute. Titkov (Russia) landed a with a roll kick against Tungalag (Mongolia) and bullied his opponent with some strong punches to advance and the power Tanaka (Japan) and his low kicks were to much for Del Valle (Costa Rica) who was always on the run.

Block C

Kurbanov (Russia) advanced took on Watanabe (Japan) and despite a spirited display from the Japanese fight the result was never in doubt and got the decision after one round. Karpenko (Russia) against Cordeiro was a close fight with both well matched but the Russian was more aggressive and got the flags. There was then some controversy when Lunev (Russia) took on Taniguchi (Japan) after a even first round the home fighter got two flags and the ref awarded the fight to Taniguchi, Shokei Matsui however reversed the decision and the fighters came back to fight another round, Lunev took this chance as he showed a lot of aggression and took was awarded the decion at the end of the extension. E. Tanaka (Brazil) continued to look sharp and powerful but needed the help of a genten ichi for a face punch to advance past Kozkhin (Russia). Tokuda (Japan) against Uvitskiy (Russia) was an extremely scrappy fight as both fighters stood very close and were guilty of pushing and getting frustrated, the fight went an extension and Tokuda was awarded the decision. Sokup (Czech Republic) versus Sato (Japan) was an even fight and went in to an extension, the Czech’s strength began to show here and Sokup landed a jodan hiza geri for a wazari that was decisive. Akaishi (Japan) against R.Unezhev (Russia) again saw a slight upset as after en even first round Unezhev appeared to get on top and hurt his opponent and and kept up his work rate to deservedly get the decision. Nakahara (Brazil) landed a perfect low kick on Tomchuk (Russia) that was some how not given as an ippon but never the less Tomchuk could not continue.

Block D

Oganisian (Armenia) continued his trail of devastation against Nascimento (Brazil) as came close with jodan mawashi geri and then landed a punch for an ippon to advance, and anotherupset in the next round as Gogonel (Romania) struggled to get to grips with Fukuii (Japan) who kept coming at him and took advanced on weight. Estensoro (Spain) landed a jodan hiza geri against Beppu (Japan) right at the end of the first round that earned him a wazri and a place in the final day. F. Da Silva (Brazil) and Gogaev (Russia) was a very close match, both mainly used hard punch combinations and Da Silva landed a strong chudan mawashi geri, the fight went to an extension that was again very close but two flags were enough for Da Silva as the referee awarded him the fight. Next up was the awesome Stepin (Russia) who came out as expected explosively against Ikemoto (Japan) but Ikemoto weathed the storm and started to move around intelligently to avoid the onslaught, in the extension Stepin seemed to run out of ideas but kept advancing and was slightly lucky to get the two flags and then the decision. Batisia (Brazil) injured his knee against Ichimura (Japan) after about twenty seconds and was carried off on a stretcher therefore the Ichimura advanced. Damyanov (Bulgaria) was more aggressive than Bykov (Russia) and that got him the decision and Uchida (Japan) finally started to show some glimpses of his ability against Garan (Ukraine) but was still fortunate to get the decision after one round.

Last Day

Final 32

The final day opened with Teixeria (Brazil) against Aso (Japan), Aso was the heavier of the two and pressed with continuous low kicks, Teixeira who is becoming ever the more rounded fighter moved well to counter and hit Aso from all angles, Aso tired towards the end of the round as Teixeira upped his work rate to take two flags and the referees decision. Mamedov (Russia) versus Sawada (Japan) was very even, Mamedov came close with an ushiro mawashi geri but was getting coaught with some heavy low kicks. In the extension Mamedov kept trying for a knock out and came close with an axe kick, a jodan mae geri and a number of rolling ushiro maashi geris but this was not enough for a decision. Mamedov had to protect his battered left leg but still then threw everything at Sawada and landed a strong ushiro geri that hurt Sawada and helped sway the judges to three flags for the Russian. A. Da Silva (Brazil) took on Martinov (Bulgaria), this was very even and was fought out like a game of chess, after a slow first round the fight went into an extension where both again stood off but save enough energy for a late burst but again a draw was awarded. The second extension continued in the same vain and after going to the scales Da Silva advanced by 22 boards to 21. D. Da Silva (Brazil) started impressively against Murata (Japan) battering him with punches and caught Murata with a powerful chudan mawashi geri that Murata took well and hung in there and came back at his opponent to even the fight. In the extension Da Silva tired and Murata was relentless with his punches as he attacked and took all four flags in what was an exceptional turn around of the fight for the home fighter.

Sadvokasov (Russia) hardly broke sweat has he started pummelling Suzuki (Japan) with low kicks at first and then some strong chudan mawashi geris that nearly dropped Suzuki who held on until the end of the round where Sadvokasov took the unanimous decision. Kidachi (Japan) and Kapanadze (Russia) started fighting at close quarters which was not a good idea for the much taller Russian who had excellent leg techniques, this tactic did work for Kapanadze however who appeared to get on top of Kidachi in the later half of the round and was awarded two flags and referee and former World Champion Francisco Filho awarded the fight to the Russian. Kogure (Japan) versus Navarro (Spain) started with Navarro moving around well before advancing with some strong punches and then landed a powerful chudan mawashi geri that downed Kogure for an ippon. Next up was a really tough match up as former All Japan Champion Tanaka (Japan) took on former Russian heavyweight champion Titkov (Russia), Tikov cam out strongly with some strong inside low kicks and punches but tired somewhat as the round progressed and Tanaka started to find his range with some strong low kicks and the round ended even and the fight went into an extension. Both fighters threw a lot of low kicks in this round and Titkov looked more troubled but was however very unfortunate to lose on a decision a the end of this round.

Next up was one of the biggest shocks in Kyokushin history when Kurbanov (Russia) who had looked in awesome form was punished for treating a fight with a compatriot; Karpenko (Russia), like a sparing session in the dojo as he was caught with a jodan mawashi geri that downed him for an ippon to his and the crowds absolute amazement. E. Tanaka (Brazil) took advantage of Lunev’s (Russia) injury as he picked him of with low kicks to gain a wazari as another big name Russian fell. Sokup (Czech Republic) continued his quite but impressive march as a late burst against Tokuda (Japan) was enough to get him the decision at the end of the opening round. Next up was Nakahara (Brazil) against Unezhev (Russia), Nakahara had looked very sharp early on in the fight but the gritty Russian fought back and despite the Brazilian coming close with roll kick the fight ended evern and went in to an extension where neither backed down and Unezhev started to move well and landed strong punch combinations. In the second extension Unezhev became more aggressive as Nakahara tired and the Russian took the decision as the other other main seed fell in this block as the draw opened up.  

Oganasian (Armenia) versus ridden with controversy as after Oganasian had literally pummelled the brave Fukuii for three minutes he had an genten ichi awarded against him right on the bell, the decsion therefore went to Fukuii and it appeared another major shock had taken place. Shokei Matsui to his credit was entirely correct and justified as he reversed this decision where the two fough on with Ogansiasn taking a deserved decision. Estensoro (Spain) took on F. Da Silva (Brazil) and showed excellent movement to evad Da Silva’s strong punches, and then started to pick of Da Silva himself with some strong punches of his own before landing a jodan hiza geri for ippon in an excellent tactical fight for the Spaniard. Stepin (Russia) foughta completely different fight against Ichimura (Japan) as he moved and to pick of Ichimura with combinations, Stepin stepped up his work rate and pressed and took the decision. Last fight of the day was Uchida (Japan) versus Damyanov (Bulgaria), Uchida was busy in tesefight as he had been in previous fights and stalked Damyanov throwing short punches and inside low kicks, Damyanov moved around well however and countered with some strong low kicks, hiza geris and punch combinations, this was the pattern for the first round and an extension was then fought in much the same manner and Uchida received two flags but a draw was awarded and the fights went to a final extension. Uchida tried to pick up the pace but never bossed Damyanov who came back with his own bursts of attacking, just like the previous extension two flags were given to Uchida but a a draw was again given, both fighters then went to the scales where thews nota significant weight difference so it went to tameshiwari where the results were Uchida 20, Damyanov 21, and another shock as the Japan’s top fighter was eliminated.

Last 16

Teixeira (Brazil) versus Mamedov (Russia) saw the Brazilian fight an intelligent fight, Mamedov was heavily injured in his left leg and Teixeira moved around and picked of the injured leg, to his credit Mamedov kept coming bravely advancing and tried in vain with a few roll kicks but Texieria deservedly got the decision. The unrelenting Murata (Japan) just seemed to get better and better as he took on A. Da Silva (Brazil), despite the Brazilian’s weight advantage Murata attacked constantly with punches that clearly troubled Da Silva as he moved back and Murata was awarded three flags at the end of the round to advance to the last eight. Sadvokasov (Russia) against Kapanadze (Russia)saw too very strong and technical fighters square off, the fight started at close quarters but both moved up the gears with some ferocious techniques, the fight appeared even but Sadvokasov received two flags and went to the next round. Navarro (Spain) and Tanaka (Japan) turned out to be the fight of the tournament, Navarro whose fighting style had changed dramatically since four years ago moved forward hitting Tanaka with a barrage of strong punches, and landed a couple of strong chudan mawashi geris and was not far away with a jodan mawashi geri also. As the fight went on Navarro moved around  more but still kept coming from all angles with punches whilst Tanaka was trying to keep him at bay, the Spaniard also landed an ushiro geri too, and a late burst from Tanaka probably kept him from losing the decision at the end of this round but had Navarro been Japanese the outcome may have been different. In the extension Tanaka began to have more joy with inside low kicks but Navarro’s punches were piercing and stopped Tanaka in his tracks on a number of occasions and despite tiring both fighters ended the round aggressively and a draw was again called. The crowd were very vocal in this fight and none more so in the final extension as the weary fighters battled on, Navarro now coupled some good inside low kicks with his punches and stepped up his work rate as the round went on, Tanaka to his credit who was clearly tired fought back as he never gave back and a late final flurry from both fighters at the end of the round really got the crown going as the fighters put their all in. Navarro was then awarded two flags but the Japanese referee awarded the draw, with the crowd on the edge of their seat the fighters went to the scales, Navarro weighed in at 89kg and Tanaka at 98.8 kg, only a coupled of pounds kept Navarro from advancing, so next up was tamishiwari were finally Navarro booked his palce in the last eight by breaking one more board than Tanaka with 21 boards to 20.

The slayer of Kurbanov, Karpenko (Russia) had his run cut short in the next round as tow quick fire wazaris for inside low kicks saw E. Tanaka (Brazil) advance. Sokup (Czech Republic) against Unezhev (Russia) was fairly even but as the round wore on Sokup’s extra power told as a late burst at the end of the round where again the Czechs powerful hiza geri drove his opponent back an put Sokup into the next round. Oganasian (Armenia) versus Estensoro (Spain) was a very interesting fight as the Spaniard avoided the Armenian’s power, Estensoro then appeared to land a jodan hiza geri that Oganasian took and caught him with a body punch as he landed that winded Estensoro and put the Armenian through. In the last fight for a place quarter finals Stepin (Russia) took on Damyanov (Bulgaria), this fight was very short as Stepin recievd two identical an somewhat fortunate wazari’s for inside low kickswhere the Bulgarian appeared to lose his balance on both occasions.

Quarter Finals

There was a massive size difference between Teixeira (Brazil) and Murata (Japan) and Teixeira finally ended Murata’s round as his power along with his excellent fitness was just too much for Murata as he gained wazaris for an inside low kick and then a chudan tsuki. Due to a succession of quick fights it appeared Navarro (Spain) barely had time to recover from his pervious fight as he squared off against the excellent Sadvokasov (Russia), the Russian came close with two ushiro mawashi geris that Navarro narrowly avoided but then Navarro caught Sadvokasov with two face punches and had a genten ichi awarded against him to put the Russian into the last four.

Sokup (Czech Republic) seemed to improve with each fight and against E. Tanaka (Brazil) he caught the Brazilian with some strong punches and kicks that clearly hurt the Brazilian. In the extension Sokup connect with a jodan mawashi geri and really bossed his opponent to deservedly advance to the last four. Next were two or the most impressive fighters so far as the immovable object met the unstoppable force as Stepin (Russia) squared off against Oganasian (Armenia). Both fighters were aware of each others power and stood off each other showing the odd technique and then in the first exchange of techniques after only twenty seconds Oganasian came close with a couple of high kicks and then straight after caught Stepin with a powerful chudan mawashi geri that Stepin had the Russian on all fours gasping for air and put spectacularly put the Armenian through.

Semi Finals

Teixeira (Brazil) took on Sadvokasov (Russia) in the fist semi final, Sadvokasov was right on top of Teixeira from the start and refused to back down, Texieria moved well and counter with good shots, as the round went on both fighters really upped the pace and the final minute was furious with both fighters throwing almost a constant barrage of low kicks and punches. The round ended totally even, however two flags were given to Teixeira and astonishingly the referee gave awarded the fight to the Brazilian also in what was a very poor decision.

The second semi final was an all European affair with Sokup (Czech Republic) taking on Oganasian (Armenia). The fight began with both fighters very wary of each other, Sokup stalked but Oganasian looked more deadly and landed some explosive combinations that would have downed a lesser opponent. The Armenian ended the round slightly on top but not enough as two lags were awarded and an extension was to be fought. Both fighters were beginning to tired now but Sokup nearly landed a jodan mawashi geri and then Oganasian came close with the same technique and actually connected but the Czech still marched forward to show it had no effect on him, the extension ended even and no flags ere warded and a final extension was to be fought. In the extension both fighters were very tired, Oganasian who had at one point been on top had lost some of the explosiveness from his techniques and was vying for an opening and Sokup; who was gradually getting more into the fight, was biding his time for a late flurry. Predictably, the final few seconds ended with a frantic surge from both fighters but it was hard to choose who was on top, the four corner judges appeared to think this also as two flags were awarded to each but the referee gave a draw, after no difference was called in the scales there was anguish for Oganasian who already knew his fate as he chose to break the minimum boards for each strike in the tameshiwari and a delighted Sokup advanced to the final after breaking 24 boards to 12.

Third / Fourth Place fight off

In a fight that always lacks the tension of the semi finals Sadvokasov (Russia) and Oganasian (Armenia) went at it hammer and tongues and a frantic fight that was halted on a number of occasions due to face punches and a clash of heads that left both fighters needing treatment. After two extensions, Oganasian through some big punches and came close with a mae geri jodan and this helped him gain the decision and third place.


The final saw the re tournament favourite Teixeira (Brazil) take on the surprise package of the tournament in Sokup (Czech Republic) who had both surprised and impressed en route to the final. Sokup however had a very tough run of fights leading up to the final and it was clear as he hobbled to the tatami (with Lechi Kurbanov as a surprise advisor in his corner for this match) that his left leg was very badly damaged. As the fight started Sokup moved rigidly as he avoided Teixeira’s attacks, and counter with techniques of his own, but it did not take long before the Brazilian had isolated the injured leg and started to land powerful shots on it, Sokup to his credit fought on gallantly but was eventually downed with a low kick for an ippon that award Ewerton Teixiera a very deserved