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World Weight Category Championships

Unlike the World Tournament which was held on numerous occasions before the multi-fractioning in Kyokushin the World Weight Category Championships was first held in 1997 by the below organizations. The following links show the results for each organization.

IKO World Weight Tournament – 1997 onwards       

WKO World Weight Tournament – 1997 onwards   

KWU World Championships – 2013 onwards           

KWU event contains fighters from WKO, IFK, KAN, KWF, Rengokai and other organisations

IFK World Championships – 1997 onwards

IKO Matsushima World Cup - 2002 onwards

KAN – Royama Group 2005 onwards*   

* = Ceased after being founder member and key organisation in KWU

Rengokai World Cup – 2009 onwards

KWF World Cup Championships – 2014 onwards

Women’s events

IKO World Weight Tournament

WKO World Cup

KWU World Championships

IFK World Championships

Kyokushinkan – Royama Group

KWF World Championships